Terms and Conditions



The purpose of this agreement is to set out the terms and conditions upon which the Client will hire furniture and soft furnishings from Dazz Interiors Pty Ltd trading as Brisbane Makeover Co.


The following shall bear the meanings assigned to them below:

1. “Agreement” shall refer to this Agreement including all Annexures attached thereto which are incorporated herein by reference, modified amended or supplemented from time to time;
2. “The Company” shall mean Dazz Interiors Pty Ltd trading as Brisbane Makeover Co;
3. “The Client” shall mean the person or entity named on the hire invoice;
4. “Collection” shall mean the date of 21 April 2020 when all hire furniture is removed from the delivery address listed on the hire invoice or a date to be confirmed when the hire period is extended;
5. “Hire Period” shall refer to the duration of the hire period:
6. “BMC” shall refer to Dazz Interiors Pty Ltd trading as Brisbane Makeover Co;
7. “BMC Agreements” shall refer to and include BMC Rental Agreement Short Term, BMC Furniture Rental Terms and Conditions Agreement (which are attached as Annexures to this Agreement. The terms and conditions of BMC Agreements are to be read with and incorporated as part of this Agreement and are applicable to the Client;
8. “The Parties” shall mean the Company and the Client;
9. “The Property” shall mean the property listed as the delievry address on the hire invoice.
10. the Property sells prior to expiry of the Hire Period.​


1. The Client hereby agrees that they are the legal and registered owner of the Property and further agrees that they have read and fully understand BMC. Agreement.
2. The Client hereby agrees that they are responsible for all insurance claims which may arise while BMC. hired furniture and furnishings are located on site at the Property during the Hire Period.
3. The Client agrees to pay the Company in advance for Styling and Furniture Hire for a 6 week period starting from the date of the Hire Period.
4. Should the Hire Period be extended for whatever reason by either of the Parties beyond the initial 6 week period, the Client is required to make further payments in advance to the Company prior to the extension.
5. If the rented items are returned unclean the Client will be charged an appropriate cleaning fee. ​


1. The Client shall keep the hired items in good order and condition and in the case that they are not returned, damaged or destroyed, the Client will be liable to pay the value of the said items which will not exceed the retail price at the time of the hire period commencement. ​


1. The Company will not be held liable for the removal of picture hooks when the Hire Period expires and while all duty of care is taken, the Company will not accept responsibility for any damage(s) to the Property.
2. The Company will not offer a refund to the Client for an early furniture hire return in the event the Property sells prior to expiry of the Hire Period.