Iconic Property Styling

Iconic Property Styling

Real Estate Agents

Brisbane Makeover Co. is here to style your property to sell. By creating an iconic look that is targeted to the ultimate buyer, our home staging increases online engagement by providing the best photographic vistas for your marketing while showcasing your open homes with an iconic look that your buyers will continue to talk about long after they leave.

Rest assured, your investment to attract buyers pays off. Our perfect mix of furniture selection and home styling means your properties get the tailored attention they need so you only work with active buyers and the likelihood of a quick and profitable sale increases and no opportunity is missed.


On average, homes styled by award-winning Brisbane Makeover Co. sell faster at a higher price. Our focus is on unforgettable, inspirational, interiors that are specifically designed to inspire the lifestyle dreams and aspirations of your market, instead of generic home styling that fails to set the pace.

Every dollar you spend on targeted, sophisticated styling is quickly offset by attracting the premium sale price the market has within it, along with reduced time costs associated with an ongoing sale.


Successful inspections come from strong marketing and processes for a sale, but it can be a struggle for agents to attract new buyers and for you to hold them accountable. Off-load the heavy lifting to Brisbane Makeover Co. and see more buyers sooner.

With our market-targeted property styling, your on and offline presence is uniquely positioned to fully engage your potential buyers on the mental and emotional level.

Property Investors

Effective marketing is the lifeblood of selling property. Customise the presentation of your home and dramatically increase the outcome of a sale with an easy to implement buyer attraction strategy.

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Getting Started

An initial consultation is our first step to preparing your home for sale. Get in touch with us to ensure that your property styling leaves your buyers in awe. When working with our team, we will need to know the answers to the following questions.

Check Icon   Who is your target audience?

Check Icon   What are their lifestyle aspirations?

Check Icon   What does your home have that the competition does not?

Check Icon   What are your home’s best features?

Check Icon   What would you like to see improved?

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