Choose the Right Property Stylist to Style for Success


Home styling is an art that reflects a buyer’s dreams, aspirations, and ambitions. The right property stylist can create that perfect first impression, a desirable vision of the potential that hits the right aesthetic note and leaves a lasting impression.

Home styling is about so much more than just throw pillows, Nordic-style rugs, and colourful art pieces.  Styling with the right design elements, the right bespoke furnishings, and tasteful and skillful staging will draw buyers in, hold their attention, and help them imagine themselves living in the space.  It’s about creating a positive response that lasts beyond the initial viewing.

To fully realise your property’s potential and value, you need a property stylist who understands the market and has the vision and ability to create luxury, high-end looks that will engage and charm every sophisticated buyer who walks through the door.

So, how can you tell which property stylist is right for you?  We’ve set out three key things to look for to get the most out of your property stylist and your property listing:

1. Check their Website and Social Media Platforms:

High-end property stylists are proud of their work, which will be prominently displayed across their websites and social media platforms, highlighting the value of their services and revealing their style, versatility, and design choices.

Look for unique selling points, too – do they offer furniture rental and bespoke furnishing rental options?  Do the furnishings they use look high-end? Do they offer a boutique service?  Is theirs a custom styling service specifically tailored to your ideal buyer with beautiful furniture designed to sell homes?

2. Are they Invested?

Home styling is about creating an aspirational look that buyers will love – a look that will appeal to the ideal buyer demographic.  Professional and skilled property stylists believe in the value of their services and make additional investments in these services; for example, having available furniture rental and bespoke furnishing rentals to create that high-end, memorable look that highlights a property’s best features and commands that premium price.

By leveraging the industry expertise and influence of a highly acclaimed property stylist, your home could be transformed into a beautifully presented luxurious property designed to pique buyer interest and bring in the best offers in the least amount of time.

3. Does the Property Stylist Have Bragging Rights?

Exceptional service, unique offerings, and first-class customer service don’t go unnoticed these days – be sure to look at online customer reviews, testimonials, and various reviewing platforms to see what other customers have to say.

Seek out home styling specialists who have earned a good reputation for delivering exceptional results and impeccable customer service.  They will be happy to offer their customers a tailored approach explicitly designed around the unique attributes of each property.  

Property styling is about ensuring that a property stands out for all the right reasons;  highlighting the property’s best features, creating an aspirational lifestyle for the buyer, and making a property particularly desirable in a competitive market.  Create the best first impression with a property styling business that offers elite and sophisticated styling services proven to attract premium sale prices.