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How to Reveal your property’s true value.

Tip: Wardrobe

Will my stuff fit?

When a buyer looks in a wardrobe, they want to confirm it’s big enough to hold their possessions. Organise your wardrobe to reveal a portion of the ceiling, back and side walls, shelves and floor. Neat, tidy and well organized closets leave a good impression on buyers but closets that are jammed, messy and in disarray will leave an unfavorable impression.

Follow these simple tips to get the best results from your wardrobe:

  1. All hangers should be alike. Replace with one-colour plastic or wooden hangers.
  2. Hang like items together such as shirts with shirts, pants with pants, dresses with dresses.
  3. Hang clothes in the same direction the way clothing stores do.
  4. Sort, pack and remove excess toys, games, sports equipment, out-of-season or unused clothes, coats and footwear.
  5. Use decorative boxes to store loose items like gloves, scarves, ties, belts and toys.

For linen Closets: 

  1. Sort, pack and remove excess towels, bed linens and blankets.
  2. Fold towels, linen and sheets neatly with folded ends facing out.

Follow these simple tips to Rethink | Transform | Reveal the true value of your home.

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