How do you make your home worth more to your potential buyers?


Remember this, you sell your home to one party. All it takes is one family, or one person to fall in love with your home. 

 Home buyers look at many houses until they find the one that feels like home. To make your home simply irresistible, review these four fast facts below.

  1. Your home’s exterior must entice buyers out of their comfort zone. Buyers must feel like getting out of their car and make the effort to walk up to the front door. Make your front door stand out with colour and invite the eye with strategically placed flowers and plants drawing the buyer to the door.
  2. Home shoppers typically make up their minds with in 15 minutes of entering the home. The first scene inside makes the biggest impact on the emotional response. The way home shoppers react to the first thing they see influences their home purchase decisions. For this reason the way you show your home becomes super important. Don’t stand in their way or let an agent lead them around. Teach your agent to stand aside. If you show the home yourself, meet the buyers outside and let them walk in first. Home shoppers need to view the home, not a body blocking the way in.
  3. On average, home shoppers only spend five minutes looking at a possible home. The challenge is to have them invest more of their valuable time in your home. Staged scenes that hold the eye will make buyers stop and look. The more time they spend in your home, the more time they have to feel comfortable and imagine themselves living there.
  4. Each potential home buyer thinks about houses they see in comparison to other homes they preview. Your home must remain in their minds and be the one they dream about. Take out your personality and create a buyer’s fantasy lifestyle with furniture staging and smart property styling. Turn your home into the one home shoppers are dreaming about.

Sell your home for Full Market Value!

Consider using property styling professionals who specialise in selling homes.