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Our award-winning property styling enables the most coveted properties and developments in Brisbane to sell faster and at a higher price than the market average.

Iconic interiors that are remembered long after the open home build desire and increase competition for your property. As established leaders in our industry, homeowners, real estate professionals, property developers and investors leverage our unique marketing skill to outstrip the competition and we invite you to get in touch with us and do the same.

On average, homebuyers only spend five minutes looking at a possible home. Staged scenes hold the eye, making buyers stop, look and spend more time seeing themselves living there. Create a buyer's aspirational lifestyle with award-winning property styling they can’t stop dreaming about.

Many property stylists throughout Brisbane are in need of our boutique offering to ensure their homes stand out from the crowd. Generic styling may make a home look clean and put together, but premium sale prices are only achieved with a unique, custom experience.

Browse our entire range of unique, custom home styling pieces and get quotes online with ease. From country chic to penthouse luxury and everything in between, we have the furniture, art and accessories to create iconic wow factor and the lasting impression you must have to sell any high-end home.

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Our Unwavering Commitment

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To create bespoke, aspirational interiors your homebuyers will fall hopelessly in love with.

Be the one they dream about.

Why Choose Us

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As Brisbane’s only property stylist to win the HIA Best Property Stylist in Queensland for three years in a row, we know that our award-winning property styling enables the most coveted properties and developments in Brisbane to sell faster and at a higher price than the market average.

Each potential homebuyer thinks about houses they see in comparison to the other homes they preview. In order for your home to make a lasting impression and create unshakeable desire, it is essential to take your personality out and create a buyer's aspirational lifestyle with furniture staging and smart property styling.

Multi-Award Winning

There is no other property stylist in Queensland to have taken out the coveted "Queensland’s Best Property Styling" for three years in a row. We are proud of this achievement, not only because it reflects the degree of care and attention to detail that we execute for our clients, but because it also shows our commitment to your bottom line.

15 Years

The depth of marketing knowledge we have gained over 15 years in the industry means we have significant insight into how to bring out and reveal your property’s true value. Professional property styling and expert selection of bespoke furniture is delivered by our experienced installation team who take great care with our furniture and your home.

Bespoke Furnishings

At Brisbane Makeover Co. we are the experts in styling luxury properties valued at over a million dollars. That is why we use quality bespoke furniture with elite, iconic key pieces to ensure each property stands out in the marketplace and is tailored specifically to the wants and needs of your buyers. This builds a lasting connection between your home and the marketplace.

Best Property Stylist in Queensland Best Property Stylist

Step into some of Brisbane's most sophisticated homes as seen on our Instagram.

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